About Cardiac Science

Cardiac Science focuses exclusively on noninvasive ways to manage heart disease, the world’s leading cause of death. It’s been our life’s work for almost a century. We believe our singular focus on noninvasive cardiology elevates our product and service offerings, and differentiates us in the medical devices field. We invented the modern stress test, the single-channel interpretive electrocardiograph (ECG/EKG), and the first fully automatic bedside defibrillator. Today, we design our equipment to connect to hospital information systems (HIS), to electronic medical record systems (EMR), and to other information systems that streamline workflow so caregivers can focus on patients, not administration and paper. We aim to be the company people think of first for heart disease diagnosis, resuscitation, cardiac rehabilitation, and cardiac informatics. Every day, with every life saved, we’re moving closer to that goal. We invite you — healthcare professionals, emergency responders, and everyone concerned about safety in the schools, workplaces, and communities — to join us. Tell us about your experiences with Cardiac Science products and services. And find out more about Cardiac Science.